Application update request
Application update request schema
JSON schema
    "$schema": "", 
    "id": "", 
    "title": "Application update request", 
    "description": "Application update request schema", 
    "type": "object", 
    "definitions": {
        "versionType": {
            "title": "Schema Version", 
            "description": "Schema version string", 
            "type": "string", 
            "pattern": "^[0-9]\\.[0-9]\\.[0-9]$"
        "secretType": {
            "title": "Secret", 
            "description": "An identification secret", 
            "type": "string"
        "idType": {
            "title": "Identifier", 
            "description": "Company, job, publication or application identifier", 
            "type": "string"
        "commentType": {
            "title": "Optional Comment", 
            "description": "Comment written by applicant, optional for Recruiter", 
            "type": "string"
        "localeType": {
            "title": "Locale", 
            "description": "Two digit iso alpha-2 language locale as lowercase", 
            "pattern": "^[a-z]{2}$"
        "dateType": {
            "title": "ISO Datetime", 
            "description": "ISO datetime string", 
            "type": "string"
    "properties": {
        "version": {
            "title": "Application schema version", 
            "$ref": "#/definitions/versionType"
        "secret": {
            "title": "A secret string", 
            "$ref": "#/definitions/secretType"
        "comName": {
            "title": "Company identifier", 
            "description": "The xeebo company identifier. Same as used in your company profile page url.", 
            "$ref": "#/definitions/idType"
        "jobName": {
            "title": "Job identifier", 
            "description": "A unique job identifier given from your system", 
            "$ref": "#/definitions/idType"
        "pubName": {
            "title": "Publication identifier", 
            "description": "A unique publication identifier given from your system", 
            "$ref": "#/definitions/idType"
        "appName": {
            "title": "Application identifier", 
            "description": "A unique application identifier given from our system", 
            "$ref": "#/definitions/idType"
        "application": {
            "title": "Application information", 
            "description": "Contains all the application information", 
            "$ref": ""
        "applicant": {
            "title": "Applicant", 
            "description": "The applicant address and contact information applying to the related job", 
            "$ref": ""
        "employer": {
            "title": "Employer company", 
            "description": "Employer address and contact information", 
            "$ref": ""
        "recruiter": {
            "title": "Recruiter company", 
            "description": "Recruiter address and contact information if available", 
            "$ref": ""
        "comment": {
            "title": "Application comment", 
            "$ref": "#/definitions/commentType"
        "locale": {
            "title": "Application locale", 
            "$ref": "#/definitions/localeType"
        "created": {
            "title": "Application Date", 
            "description": "Date where the applicant generated the application", 
            "$ref": "#/definitions/dateType"
    "required": [
    "additionalProperties": false
JSON schema data description
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