The xeebo applicant portal offers various possibilities to integrate external systems. The complete integration of an external application tracking system includes the following interfaces.

Publish job positions

The vacancies are published as advertisements on various job portals. The publication of the advertisements is already integrated in most ATM systems and can be maintained without any adjustments.
Open positions can also be published directly on xeebo. The structured data of the job is transferred to xeebo using the publication publish REST API.

Create job application

The button "Apply with xeebo" is integrated in the job advertisement. This application button contains details of the company, job and publication and directs the applicant to the xeebo website. When an applicant clicks on the application button, he or she is directed to xeebo. The data is then retrieved by xeebo via Integration API from the ATM system.

Submit job application

After the applicant has started the application by clicking on the "Apply with xeebo" button on the xeebo page, the job data is retrieved from the ATMS system via Integration API and an application including job data is created for the applicant.
The applicant has now the possibility to fill in the application data if not already available and to release uploaded documents.
After completing the application, the applicant can release the application. The application data is sent to the ATM system using the Integration API and the status of the application in xeebo is set to shared.

Applicant communication

The HR Manager can communicate with the applicant at any time during the application process. The xebo applicant portal offers 2 different communication channels. The rest API offers the possibility to communicate with the applicant and to transmit a status. Thus it is possible to send a rejection via the Rest API interface and set the application to rejected. The applicant can also interact with the ATM system and ask or answer questions. The ATM system can use the Integration API to integrate this communication. If the Integration API does not support communication, communication takes place by e-mail. This is because every application from xeebo has its own e-mail address. This means that if the ATM system can communicate with the applicant via e-mail, everything works as before. The emails which are sent to the applicant are displayed directly to the application. So there is basically no difference from the applicant's point of view whether communication takes place via email or via Rest and Integration API. Technically, however, the Rest and Integration API offers some advantages. A major advantage is the direct response including error codes which the interface returns. Compared to email, the interface offers complete control and feedback on a successful communication with the applicant.