Rest API Permissions

The xeebo rest api requires permissions for use the different api methods. This means a user must give the right permission for access the different resources. This permissions must be accepted from the user on the first authentication access.
Note: if a user doesn't accept the permission by canceling the authentication, the user get redirected to the cancel page defined in the api key setup. This means there is no way to accept an authentication without the required permission. If a user accepts an authentication with some permissions and you will access an ypi method with different permissions, the user api call will fail with an error message. This means, you should make sure that you allways use all the permissions a user will need.
If you didn't ask for the correct permissions, you can allways explicit force the user to re-authenticate again by redirect to the oauth page just as you whould do with an expired access_token.

application Allows to interact with job applications
candidate Search and view and candidate profiles
message Send and receive messages
publish Create and manage job publications